Friday, May 11, 2012

I'm REALLY Diggin': Deen + Gray's Floating Crescent Hoop Earrings

Being unemployed, I've seriously limited my shopping and try to resist temptation whenever it happens to surface. However... when I spotted Deen + Gray's Floating Crescent Hoops and learned that they were on sale... I had to get them last month. I had to!!! LOL

I'm trying to train myself to not reward myself with food after I've "been good" with my diet and exercise, so these earrings were my "treat" for a job well done. And what a sweet treat they are!!

I was bowled over at how quickly I received them (Literally three days after placing my order they were in my mailbox!) and I was GAGA over the adorable packaging!

The earrings are as gorgeous in person as they are in their pictures! They are extremely light weight and I love that they compliment my fuller face!!

Since this shade of blue is my favorite color (But.. I've mentioned that, right? Besides, I'm sure you've noticed! LOL) I did not have a lack of items to wear to accentuate the earrings. This tunic with embellished collar from Torrid is my favorite combination so far!!

To check out all the amazing goodies, not to mention the Floating Crescent Hoops, be sure to visit the Deen + Gray website at

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