Thursday, May 17, 2012

Miss Moon's Musing About: My Top 10 ::SWOON:: Tune List

I haven't done a Top Five list in ages, so when I was walking last week I thought it would be fun to put together a list of songs that make me feel all romantical and stuff inside. With a single listen, I am transported back to being twelve, having no clue what love is about, but having a lot of dreamy ideas on the subject.

These are songs that (And I wish I was exaggerating)...I usually play on a loop for an hour or so, sighing deeply and swooning up a storm! Hence, I call them SWOON Tunes!  LOL

The problem that occurred when I was thinking about the list was that it was really difficult to limit myself to only five songs!! So, in what's (I think) a first for Miss Moon's Musings... I am giving you a top TEN list instead!! These are in no particular order, by the way!

June - Van Hunt

Out of all the songs on my list, this one is the most recent. But please know that just because I've known this song for a shorter time than the others... I still swoon like mad!!! I wish I could accurately put into words what I love about this song. This is a weak attempt at it, I know, but I love the imagery in the lyrics and after first hearing it, I thought to myself that this is a song I would love to have dedicated to me by a fella.

Drive - The Cars

No doubt that those of you who catch up on my going ons on The Miss Moon's Musings FaceBook page or Twitter expected this song to appear on the list! LOL

This song is just.... beautiful to my ears! I don't know what it is... I listen to this song ONCE and that's a wrap for the next few hours... I'm listening to this song and singing along.... LOUDLY! That's my agenda!

Play Me - Neil Diamond

Yes, I said it. Neil... Mutha Effin'... Diamond. The Jewish Elvis himself!! I stan for this song big time, and frankly... I blame my Mama for it!!

When I was growing up, Mizz Lennid (My affectionate nickname for Mum) used to clean the house every Sunday and would play her records while doing her various tasks. I would help out and ultimately a lot of the songs she played have become some of my favorite "Cleaning Up" songs. Don't get me started on the Barbra Streisand/Barry Gibb duet "Guilty"....I cannot EVEN hear that song without smelling Mr. Clean!

But I digress... Play Me is a song I recently rediscovered and it's been OVAH for me ever since. I can tell you quite sincerely... this song is sexy as hell!!! Y'all may be laughing at me for putting Neil on the list, but take a listen and tell me honestly that the temperature didn't raise a bit for you!!

A Song for You - Donny Hathway

I can almost hear the "Yessssss!!!" coming out of some of you upon seeing the title of this song! But this song is not only a classic, but this is another song that if a guy dedicated this to me... we'd probably make babies. Lots and lots of babies!!!! LOL

Elaborate Lives - Adam Pascal and Heather Headley (From "Aida")

I've talked a bit about this song on FaceBook, as well. I've always said that if (God Forbid!) I'm ever in a coma, please call Adam Pascal to my bedside to sing this song, and I will WAKE UP... and probably earn a nice little restraining order in the process!! He'd be like, "Audrey, I'm so glad I can help you wake up from this coma, but could you get your tongue out of my ear?!? I mean.... SECURITY!!!!" Remember that scene in the movie "B.A.P.S." when Halle Berry spots Leon?!? Yep.. kinda like that!! Not gonna lie! LMAO

I've become somewhat of a door-to-door peddler of how swoon-tastic (Yes, another word I just made up!) this song is. I played it once for my best friend and I told her that she is going to sigh dreamily... and she did!! Yes, Natasha.. you did! LOL

One Mo' Gin - D'Angelo

As much as I love D'Angelo's entire album Voodoo, if you looked at my iTunes play stats for the album... this song would be top ranking!!! LOL

There is not a single of my exes I would love to have a moment like this with, but it's still a great song to daydream about and of course, swoon!!!

Heaven Must Be Like This - Ohio Players

This song is not a stranger to Miss Moon's Musings... I've featured it before. But damn, this song is beautiful!!!! This is a song that could be the first dance song at a wedding, and the first song of the Honeymoon playlist!!! LOL

Oh Girl - The Chi-Lites

This is hands down, one of my FAVORITE songs... Ever!!! When I think about it, it might be my FAVORITE! Number One!! In fact, out of all of this songs on this list, this is probably my very first swoon tune!!!

I love this song so much, that if I saw Paul Young on the street, I would probably kick him in the nuts for his awful ear-raping remake. Okay "ear-raping" was harsh, I admit. But that's how much I love the original! LOL

Your Eyes - Adam Pascal (From "Rent")

Okay, I'm super-embarrassed to be placing Adam on this list twice. Look at his picture, even he's going "Really, Audrey?!?". I'm harmless, I assure you! LOL

But you know that famous "Ovaries Exploding" gif, very popular on Tumblr? Well, yeah... this song does that to me!!! Seriously, though... Adam? Please stay very happily married!!! Because if I ever... EVER.. catch wind that you're single, I might be forced to make a fool of myself! I mean MORE than I just did by just typing that last sentence! LMAO

AND... when I rediscovered "Play Me" (See a few songs back) earlier this year, I noticed something. Adam's "Mimiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii" at the end of this song sounds an awful lot like Neil's "Play Meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee" at the end of his song. And both just really make me swoon at epic proportions!!

Stop Doggin' Me Around - Jackie Wilson

I call this song a HERITAGE swoon tune. Because my wonderful grandmother Vivian, swooned over this song, my Mother and Aunt swooned... and my sister and I swoon as well. We are three generations of swooners! LOL

I have a feeling that my children will be swooning along with me to this song one day! 

And there you have it... my Top Ten Swoon Tunes!!! What songs top your list? I'd love to swoon along with you, so leave a comment!! :)


  1. My darling Ms. Moon, you forgot Jackie Wilson's Night and
    Alone at Last.  Now these two songs are right up there in the "SWOON TUNE"

  2. missmoonsmusingsMay 22, 2012 at 6:11 AM

    You have only yourself to blame, Mum.. You played "Stop Doggin' Me Around" more than any other Jackie songs! LOL