Thursday, May 31, 2012

:::drools::: Ashley Madekwe-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

I haven't done a plus size fashionistas post in awhile, I know. Please know that just because I'm on my Get Healthy path with a vengeance, it doesn't mean in the least bit that I don't love love LOVE recreating celebrity fashions for my full-figured sistren!

The honest reason why I haven't posted yet, is because I've been dying to do a outfit remix featuring leopard and/or camo print jeans!!! I love that look, and while scores of celebrities have been seen rocking them, they weren't women I'd necessarily want to feature in my blog. Not being mean, I'm just really am particular about who I give my energy to. And to me, dedicating time to locating photographs, and recreating outfits is giving away my energy!

Enter actress/blogger/fashionista/friend-in-my-head Ashley Madekwe of ABC's "Revenge" (Did y'all check out that season finale?!? I thought my head was going to explode!!). I have blogged about how much I dig her style before, but I literally said "Yes!!" when I viewed her recent blog post, "London Calling". Why? Because she's rocking the hell out of some leopard print jeans, of course!!!

It's like she's saying in this picture, "Oh you want to do a post about leopard print jeans, Audrey? I've got your back, girl!!" LOL

And the great thing about this outfit, aside from the fact that's it's effin' FLY... is that one of the items Ashley's wearing is totally something we can purchase to recreate the look... without our lights being cut off!  LOL Here's what I've come up with:

Top: Ivory Crochet Bling Tank Top ($38.50, Torrid)
Jeans: Camo Jeggings by DKNY Jeans ($98.00, Lane Bryant)
Sunglasses: Oversized Retro Sunglasses ($20.87, ASOS)
Sandals: Shine Studded Sandals ($12.99, Payless)
Satchel: Leather Leopard Metal Buckle Satchel ($83.50, ASOS)

I am really really liking this outfit. If those jeans ever come down in price at Lane Bryant (It's been MORE than a few months, LB! Get with it!), you might see me rocking a variation of this look!

Be sure to visit Ashley's blog, Seriously, it's dope!!!

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