Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Miss Moon's Musing About: The Best 'GET THAT JOB' Interview Look

So it's been a little over four months since I've been unemployed. While I've done my best to make the best use of this time, I think it's time to shake things up and be a bit more proactive in my job search.

One of my favorite things to do is invest in a KILLER job interview ensemble... something that has just enough of my personality, a splash of professionalism, and a liberal application of "Check me out, you know you want me for this job!!!". I've always found that when there is a kick ass look hanging in your closet, you get excited about the prospect of wearing it on an interview. When you're excited about the possibility of going on an interview, you're more excited when job searching. And when you're excited about job searching, that energy and intent can be conveyed in your application.

This results in a job interview... which results in an opportunity to rock your interview duds!!! And in the very best case scenario... it results in your getting that great job!! So I searched the internet for the past few days, looking for outfits that I would actually wear on a job interview. I've put together three in total, and I want to know which of the three looks, (if you were a prospective employer) would MOST make you want to hire me.
Now keep in mind, I'm not looking for a job on Wall Street, which would require me to wear a suit 5 days a week. My perfect opportunity would be a job where I could wear jeans if I wanted to... but honestly, I rarely do. I really really like this outfit and I think if I rocked this with my white blazer, it would really be an eye catcher:

Top: ASOS CURVE Jersey Top With Peplum Hem ($39.99, ASOS)
Pants: Slant Pocket Slim Leg Pant ($39.99, Avenue)
Shoes:  HILSER Flats ($50.00, Aldo Shoes)
Necklace: Encompassing Peacocks Indie Necklace ($25.99, Ruche)

This look is a bit more colorful, which I am all about, but I don't believe it's SUPER overwhelming as to appear unprofessional in a job interview.

Top: Lime Leaf Print Top ($35.00, Evans USA)
Cardigan: Women's Plus 3/4-Sleeve Cardigans ($36.94, Old Navy)
Pants: Flared Leg Trousers ($59.95, Lane Bryant)
Shoes: SM Women's Heaven Multicolor Flat ($39.95, DSW)

Now,  I am generally ALL ABOUT pants when going on a job interview. But chalk it up to getting older and more adventurous, I would welcome the opportunity to wear a skirt on an interview now. And to celebrate my new-found chutzpah when it comes to job interview apparel, I've selected this outfit:

Top: Printed Poncho Blouse ($29.50, Ashley Stewart)
Skirt: Bespoke Perfect Black Pencil Skirt ($48.00, Simply Be)
Shoes: Seychelles Freesia Flat ($79.95, DSW)
Bag: Hurley Prism II Book Tote ($40.00, Zappos)

There you have it. Three looks I could sincerely see myself wearing on a job interview. Now it's up to you which one I invest in: Look One, Look Two, or Look Three.... so be sure to leave me a comment with your pick!!!!


  1. I like all three outfits but I would go with #1 with the white blazer. I think the yellow is a little busy for an interview and the last shirt is too glitzy for an interview. I really like all 3 though. So I guess I would wear the one that makes you feel your best.  Good luck!

  2. missmoonsmusingsMay 10, 2012 at 11:22 PM

    To be honest?! #1 is my favorite look, too! Thanks so much for your vote, Kandecia!! :)