Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Miss Moon Gets Healthy: And YES... She Has Snacks, Too!!

Hello, my name is Audrey... and, I like snacks! There. I've said it. I've given up on Mickey D's, I've given up on my beloved Snapple drinks and occasional Sprites... but do not ask me to forgo snacks entirely... I will cut you!! LOL

The good news is, I've recently discovered I don't have to! What was once a horrible feeling of deprivation (with the one or two relapses... I'm among friends, I'll admit it!) has turned into a beautiful moment of clarity when I came to the realization that I can eat healthily and enjoy treats that feel decadent... although they really aren't.

For this post, I will share four of my favorite go to snack choices: two sweet and two savory. And believe it or not, each of these treats are under 200 calories!

I've always enjoyed watermelon, but I must admit... It was never my favorite. I was always a cantaloupe girl, thanks to my Aunt Jo Ann, who would eat a slice of cantaloupe, toast and a cup of tea for breakfast all the time when I was growing up. She probably still does.

I recently read that watermelon is not only great way to trick your mind into thinking it's getting a sweet treat, it's totally good for you and is only 94 calories for a cup of the melon diced!

I am a potato chip junky... I love chips and can say quite wholeheartedly that they are my favorite thing to snack on. Unfortunately, I have yet to find a tried and true potato chip that is low in calories and won't fill my body with salt, salt, and more salt. Special K Cracker Chips are a nice alternative.

They aren't great, mind you. You pretty much know you are not eating potato chips (They are like a rice cake/ potato chip hybrid) but to enjoy 30 chips for 110 calories.. I'll take it! LOL
I do not play around with my fudge pops. Even before Getting Healthy, I avoided them because they can very easily become an obsession with me. When I spotted these Low Fat Greek Frozen Yogurt Fudge Bars from Jala, I was IMMEDIATELY suspicious about the taste. I mean it contains active probiotis, it's only 110 calories, low fat... how good can they taste?!?!?

My friends... these things are THE BOMB!!!!! After walking twice a day, getting hot and sweaty in the process... nothing soothes my sore muscles like these frozen yogurt bars... Seriously!

They also have Ice Cream Sandwiches, which I am planning on getting for Mizz Lennid, who is the Ice Cream Sandwich Queen! LOL
Popcorn and ABC's Revenge... that is my Wednesday night in a nutshell, as I've mentioned on FaceBook and Twitter quite often. I bet some of you were going,  "How are you eating popcorn and you're all 'Get Healthy', Audrey?!?".... The answer's quite simple, Light Popcorn. It tastes good.. really. And for the first time in my life my mouth doesn't HURT after eating popcorn from the abundance of salt. Have you ever had that feeling!?  Ugh, T.V.W... The very worse!!! 

Five cups of this popcorn (Which is almost half a bag!)? Only 100 calories!!! I usually pop up a bag on Wednesday night.. eat half, and then enjoy the other half Friday or Saturday night with a good movie!

What are your favorite healthy items to snack on.. I'm all about building my arsenal when a snack attack strikes, so leave a comment and share what you like!!! That rhymed! LOL

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