Thursday, July 26, 2012

DOPE: "Mujhko Pehchaanlo" from "Don 2"

So my DOPE blog posts have steered away from poetry to Bollywood film clips, which I think is appropriate because many of the item songs in Hindi films I find tremendously dope!! And today's song is no exception. In fact, it's SOOO DOPE that it doesn't even appear in the movie! Believe me, I said a hearty "WTF" about that... but I've gotten over it now!! LOL

I'd like to do a little something different with this particular edition of DOPE... something (I hope) that will add a little fun to the equation, so I will be sharing FIVE THINGS DOPE ABOUT "Mujhko Pehchaanlo". Don't worry the lyrics and translations will follow, because as you all know... I'm fancy like that!!

1 and 2: Shah Rukh Khan... Nuff Said. If I have to explain further, you haven't seen (and swooned over) any of his films.

3: SRK's Vinnie Barbarino hair in this video... Truly the star of this piece. The 'do is feathered to perfection and I cannot help but feel mesmerized by it flowing in the wind. No shade here, y'all... these are my genuine feelings on the subject. There is no shampoo commercial out there that compares.

Boy, that's a relief!! He IS holding a gun after all!!
4: Can any of you sing AND kick ass at the same time? Hands? Well Don can, and that's AWESOME!! May I be presumptuous and say it's quite possibly the hair that gives him such powers?

5: To paraphrase the great Tom Servo, "Any item number that has 'Wacka-Joe-Wacka' in it is okay by me!!!" LOL

duniya mein logon ne phir apne dil thaame
aaya hoon lekar main phir kitne hungaame

In the world, people again caught their hearts, (they're again restless)
I have come again, with so much furore..

phir maine socha hai main jeetoon sab haaren
darwaaze khul jaayen gir jaayen deewarein
mujhse takra paaya hai kaun
mujhko pehchan lo main hoon don..

I have thought again that I should win and all else should lose,
gates should open and walls should fall down..
who has been able to clash with me (and win)..
recognize me, I am don..

duniya mujhe jo bhi kahe iski mujhe parwah kya
mujhko to hai ye dekhna jeetne ki hai raah kya
jo mujhko rokna chahen, unko hai kya ye pata

whatever the world calls me, I don't care about that..
I have to see what is the way to win..
those who want to stop me, do they know that..

"don ko pakadna mushkil hi nahi naamumkin hai"
"It is not just difficult to catch Don, it's impossible."

duniya phir jeetne aaya kaun
mujhko pehchan lo main hoon don..

Who has come to win the world again
Recognize me, I am don..

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