Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Wanna Wanna Wednesday... My 35th Birthday Wish List

Happy Halloween, Lovely Friends!! The most exciting thing about the end of October/beginning of November is that my birthday is rapidly approaching! I cannot believe I am turning 35 years old this year! I still feel like a teenager most of the time... which I haven't determined yet if that's a good thing or a bad thing, to be quite honest! LOL

As is my usual custom, there are a couple of items I'd love to have for the big 3-5 this year, so today's Wanna Wanna Wednesday is very special as it contains my Top 5 Birthday Wish List!!!

Joe Brown's Fur Collar Coat  Years and years ago, I had a very similar coat that I scored from Tar-jay, and it's regrettably waay too big for me now. So the fact that I stumbled across this coat seems like the most delicious kismet. It's meant to be, I tells ya!! LOL

Tickets for "Jab Tak Hai Jaan" on November 13th  I've been wanting to see this movie for most of the year, and when it was announced that it was releasing a few short days after my birthday I knew that part of my birthday celebration will have to include me droolin... I mean watching Shah Rukh Khan in this film.

As an added bonus, I recently discovered that the Madame Tussaud's in Times Square has a Bollywood section (including an SRK wax statue), so perhaps I will make a night of it by going to see the film and then head over to Madame Tussaud's to see the statues up close! Add dinner at a great Indian restaurant to the agenda, and my night would be MADE!! LOL

ASOS CURVE Top With Wide Straps And Peplum I don't own a lot of white tops. There's a very specific reason for this... I'm a klutz. I'm older now, and with age comes a certain degree of grace (I'd like to think and don't you dare ruin this delusion for me!), so I think it's time I invest in a nice white top. You know, like a grown up who doesn't need a bib to wear white.

I.K. Jewelry Indian Necklace Set I've been a fan of I.K Jewelry's Ebay Shop since the summer, and when I could, I've purchased a couple of pairs of earrings from them. When I saw this necklace and jewelry set I knew that I needed to add it to my collection. I am very happy to share that this item is one from my list that is presently on its way to be from India!

Lots and Lots More Hindi Films It's not secret that I'm ga ga for Hindi cinema. So much so that my Hindi Cinema collection has grown from one film to around forty something (no jive!)... and I'm all about adding to the collection! I have a killer wish list on and every few weeks snag an item from the list to add! Above are just a few I really really want to get from the wish list!

DearCurves Multicolored Knee Length Skirt It's also not a secret that I'm wild about all things wax print, and I've been searching and searching for months for a lovely wax print skirt. The skirt is not in my present size, but if I keep the Get Healthy momentum going, I predict I could rock this by the spring!!


  1. I'm glad you found something you like, but I wouldn't have minded if you got the same coat. We'd just have to coordinate our outings together!! LMAO