Thursday, September 23, 2010

:::drools::: Lilakoi Moon-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

Lilakoi Moon (The artist formerly known as Lisa Bonet!) has a style that is all her own. A lot of negative sentiments have been uttered, but her style has greatly influenced my own, and she remains one of the top five celebrities that I would love to spend the afternoon shopping with, especially for her killer hats!!

I spotted this picture of Lilakoi online this weekend and began working on creating an outfit (In my opinion... this has been my best recreation to date!!!). Imagine my surprise when the hubby-to-be comes in and tells me that the TRUE Miss Moon has been told about my blog and maybe checking it out one day. If she does happen to visit and should scan these words one day, I sincerely hopes she likes Miss Moon's Musings and enjoys how I recreated her look for my plus sized sistren out there! You're awesome, Madame!

Let's begin with her dress. I have been stalking the Navy Ruffle Shirt Dress with Braided Belt ($58.00, Torrid) for weeks and when I saw this picture of Lilakoi, I knew that this dress would be the best place to begin.

For her awesome boots, I selected the Madden Girl Zoiiee Boots ($79.95, Zappos). They're not an exact match, but I thought they were a similar look and as a bonus, they look like they would really look dope with the dress.

My first pick choice for her hat was the Christys' Crown Series Fat Tony Fedora ($52.00, Village Hat Shop). This hat is D-O-P-E, dope!!!

I decided to go a different route for the sunglasses, and instead of the super black shades that Lilakoi is rockin', I picked the Oversized Geometric Square Sunglasses ($38.00, Nine West)

And there you have it! As always, if there is a picture of a celeb you'd like me to take a crack at recreating for  plus-size fashionistas, be sure to drop me a line!!!