Saturday, September 11, 2010

A Little [BOB MARLEY] for a Saturday Night

On this particular anniversary of 9/11 I think that this week's song for a Saturday Night is fitting. This world is lacking in compassion and it is my hope that everyone that reads these words will play the song... crank that mutha up as high as it will go... and send love, light and compassion to everyone across the globe tonight.

Because we are more and more becoming a world of "Them's" and "Us's", and the reality is that most of us want the same things in life: A chance for a good life, good health for ourselves and our families. If we stopped focusing on our differences and open ourselves to the possibility of similarities, empathy and compassion might be more common. And for real, y'all... it should be!

One Love.... One Heart... and

1 comment:

  1. I weep as I write this, on Stolen Land
    bout to raise a spliff like Bob, the Rasta Man
    MC Supernatural gave me that rhyme,
    incredible is tonight for I smile at sight of your
    register which has weighed the depth of my heart from across the room and blogged about it i will start to
    educate and maybe even activate incredible
    frankly Al franken said the me decade wouldn't lead to franken
    fish, i've got to take out my frickin handkerchief, I-
    magine like John lennon and show me just how real it is
    you are the one who put the words over, it's your music
    as for choices of dopeness, it's yours, don't lose it
    the pic of this song for this anniversary begun is so incredible that i know you know the reason i won
    your heart so i can experience Joy
    now once more before i smoke this earthly toy
    not talking about ganga i'm talkin sucka mc's
    who think they know the meaning behind God/Goddess/All that EEEZZZZ
    answering the dance to the rhythm that you advance iis like Queen Latifah talking about our brother Lance
    I rest in peace knowing that despite flase mockeries and disease and not just di-ease, ha ha, hee hee
    nope I rhyme like Missy but like X-Clan challenged me, not a sissy
    still I make more rhymes than human beings
    imagery in your dreams

    One Love, Earth, Audrey, 4AC is what I B
    who wants some more poetry?