Wednesday, August 10, 2011

And Now...A Makeup Moment: M.A.C. Blogger's Obsession All of My Purple Life

When I discovered that M.A.C. had sought out some of the top beauty bloggers across the web to design shades for a new collection, I was super excited!!!

When I learned that one of the shades would be designed by Patrice of Afrobella.... I knew I was going to get her shade, to show support for one of my favorite bloggers!!

How lucky am I that Afrobella's Shade, "All of My Purple Life" (Named after a line in the Prince song "Erotic City") is a vibrant, sultry purple shade that was MADE for all shades of skin tones.

I managed to snatch up a tube when it first hit M.A.C. stores in June, but due to some serious complexion issues, I haven't been able to try it on for size. My skin is a bit better now, so I decided to snap pictures one morning before heading to work last week of me rocking the shade.... this was also an opportunity to try out my new camera!

I started with lining my lips with Jordana Lip Liner in Deep Purple. I haven't paired it with a lip stick yet, but I like the combination of a simple lip pencil with the Glass for work.

I love this color, and I made sure to snatch up a few more tubes when it recently reappeared on the M.A.C. website for a limited time only!!

Have you tried "All of My Purple Life" yet?!? What have you paired it with? I'd love to hear your tips for the various ways of rocking this gorgeous shade!! Be sure to leave a comment with your suggestions.

Peace (and Kisses!!) from Brooklyn!!!!!!!


  1. The day it premiered I purchased 3 tubes! One because of Patrice, I have been a fan of Afrobella forever and two I am the ULTIMATE Prince groupie! So to have a gloss named after a song lyric was the ultimate for me! This is my go to gloss!

  2. I am hooked, I must admit! Do you use it over something or straight out of the tube, Moni?

  3. Oh I love this color! I had no idea Afrobella was doing big things!

  4. Hey Sadie, Sadie... Married Lady!!!! Yes, girl... Afrobella is blowing up big time!!! :)