Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Miss Moon's Musings About: The Pros and Cons of Being a Product Junkie..

I admit to being a bit of a product junkie. While I wish I could boast that my cheap and frugal side often wins out when presented with the opportunity to try out a new goodie for my hair. But alas, its my hair's alter ego, Freida (Or FRIZZ-eida, as I call her during the summer) that wins the battle 9 out of 10 times. I am definitely trying to improve, but it's hard!!!. I watch YouTube and read other Natural Hair Bloggers, we all know and Love.... and after that I want that new, sweet smelling concoction to nourish my hair with. I wanna wanna wanna!!!! LOL

So just for laughs, I am going to share my list of the pros and cons of being a product junkie.

PRO: You learn about a product by using it. And knowledge = power!

At least that's what G.I. Joe used to always say. This is especially true when you're a blogger who happens to blog about natural hair & natural hair products on occasion (or many occasions in my case!). Each time I try a product, whether I'm really diggin' it or "Not so much..." about it... I am going to blog about it and share my experiences. See y'all? My PJ-ism... it's all for YOU! :)

CON: You need to build a wing in your home to house the mountains of jars and bottles.

Yes, if I could get away with that, and I had the money to do it... I just might build a little extension room/closet in my apartment just for my hair products. My goal is to find an apartment for my honey and I that has a walk in closet big enough for my products AND my purses! LOL

PRO: Finding a product that makes your hair go "Whoooooooooooooooooooo" like Little Richard!

That moment when you look at the finished product and your hair is shiny, it's healthy looking, its healthy feeling... because it's HEALTHY! Admit it, you're like me: you have to resist the urge to scoop up every single piece of that product you can get your hands on!!!

CON: Finding a product that makes your hair go "Whoah!" like Black Rob.

I wish I had more of the Little Richard moments than the Black Rob moments... nuff said. Like Whoah! LOL

PRO: Trying a new product that smells like deep fried nuggets of sugar coated heaven.

I think I am as much a smell junkie than I am a product junkie. Want to get me to buy your product? Don't tell me promises that my hair will resemble Rapunzel's by the end of the week. Tell me what scents is in it. If its a scent I like, I'm yours.

CON: Trying a new product that smells good enough to eat only to discover... it ain't! LOL

I really wish I could lie to y'all and say I was kidding... but I'm not. I have, admittedly, on at least two occasions, tasted a product for my hair to see if it would taste as good as it smells. I know, I know... not my finest moment, but hey, I'm all about keeping it real! LOL

PRO: Splurging on hair goodies at a discount of the price!!!

Coupon codes are enough to make a Product Junkie like me catch the vapors!! And I just so happen to have a 20% COUPON CODE to share with all of you, courtesy of NaturallyCurly.com's One-Stop-Shop for Textured Tresses...Curl Mart.

Visitors to Curl Mart can take 20% off their orders by entering the coupon code "CURLMART20" at checkout. This code expires on Wednesday, August 10th, so to get shopping, be sure to click the banner below.


CON: Picking out which goodie you want to get first!!!

Be sure to leave a comment as to what you picked up with your discount. Happy Shopping!!!

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