Thursday, August 25, 2011

I Heart Her Hair: Jasika Nicole

How dope is Jasika Nicole on "Fringe" as Special Agent Astrid Farnsworth?!? Smart, Funny, and with her dealings with Walter Bishop (who puts the MAD in Mad Scientist)... infinitely patient!LOL

Jasika Nicole is also an amazing artist, and her website is dope as hell. Check out her Revlon comic.. hysterical!!! All of that... and she has the most adorable curls!!!


  1. Yes! I totally agree!
    Love her character on "Fringe". Also, happy to know I have a fellow "Fringe" watcher in you. ;)

    She does have gorgeous curls. And she's so talented. Wish I could draw half as good as she can. Oh well. Maybe I'll be able to buy one of her works one day.

  2. Yes!!!!!!! Another "Fringe" fan!! We have to have a Twitter date when the new season begins. I have no one else to talk about the show with! :)