Friday, August 5, 2011

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: How do YOU rate your hair today?!?!?

When it comes to my hair... some days are good, some days are not so good. I am sure we all feel that way sometime.

One day I can be walking around acting like I'm starring in a live-action version of "I Love My Hair"... the next day, I am reaching for a ponytail holder to bun my hair up.

I've taken The Comparative Pain Scale... most commonly used by Doctors to get patients to establish the degree of pain they feel, and tweaked it Natural Hair Style, just for laughs!!!

Personally, I feel like today I am somewhere between "Okay" and "Meh". How would you rate your hair today? Be sure to comment your pick and why you chose it.


  1. Hahaha!! Lol! Love your rating scale.
    Since I've been super lazy, I'm bunning it up.
    It's in a side bun so I'll give my hair a rating somewhere between "My hair looks nice today" to "My hair looks...Okay".

  2. FB Comments:

    Elaine S- Ever since I had a "Brazilian Bliwout" done - every single day (really) is a great hair day!!

    Yaya C - real real short...a "10"

  3. @ C.O. - Girl... I gave myself the same rating... for the same reason. My hair has been bunnin' like Bun B all SUMMER!! LOL