Wednesday, August 3, 2011

DOPE: "CHICK" - Awesome Web Series starring Kai Soremekun

Who doesn't love Girl power (Aside from the incubus residing in the Fox News Building... but we're not talking about them...)?!? And who doesn't love watching a super hero that looks like themselves?

I am so grateful for the invention of the Web Series, because nowhere on television would we see the awesomeness that is "Chick"... and truthfully, we need to see it!!

"Chick" is so much more than an interactive web series, it's a movement! When visiting the web home of Chick,, you get the opportunity to sign up to receive a Superhero Starter Kit, which features a personalized video by Kai Soremekun herself (And how awesome is she?!?!). Check out the video she made for yours truly -

You know you want one too, right?!?! LOL

Well mosey on over to where every woman is a f@cking superhero!!! And to get caught up on the series, be sure to visit Chick's YouTube Channel,


  1. the last pic there is truly amazing! lol. Just wanted to say thanks for the comment on Fashion Bombs!


  2. Hey Medge! You're so welcome, girl... your clutches are sooooo ::drool:: worthy, for real! Thanks so much for stopping by! :)