Friday, August 12, 2011

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: What's your BEST Hair Tip!?!?!?

Picture it: Naturals from all over the globe are invited to share their best hair tip... You have the opportunity to share a secret weapon, a product you can't live without, a how-to, inspiring words, or a recipe for some D-I-Y hair heaven.

Each of your messages will placed in a time capsule and buried for the next 95 years.... to be opened, read, and enjoyed by naturals of a future generation.... a long, long time from now.

This week's discussion should be pretty simple by now... what would YOU contribute to the Natural Hair Time Capsule? Leave a comment and dish! I'd love to get a wonderful dialogue, so please be sure to share this post. Who knows? Perhaps it might inspire a real Time Capsule to be made! :)


  1. I'm loc'd and so is my 10 year old daughter. Our tip, is to wash your locs as often as possible. Every week if you can. The more you wash the faster they lock and the sooner they'll drop and grow. I started mine at 1/2 an inch and less than a year later they're 3 inches long.

    Just make sure you keep up maintenance as well. If you prefer them well groomed (like me), then always twist right after you lock. Avoid using too much product. We only use it for maintenance (right after we wash).

    We use alligator clips to speed up maintenance and the products I can't live without are Taliah Waajid's Stimulating Herbal Cleanser and Jamaican Mango & Lime No More Itch Cool Scalp.

    Can't wait to pick up some more tips here!

  2. Excellent tips!!!!!!! Thank you so much for sharing, Kelbian!!! :)