Wednesday, November 2, 2011

:::drools::: Awesome Outerwear!!!

How crazy was it that the Northeast got their first snowfall in October!?!?!?!? I don't know about all of you who were effected, but as I looked outside my window this past weekend and spied the flurries coming down at a rapid speed, I thought to myself "Damn... I'm unprepared for winter!!!" LOL

So in the event some of you (like me) are still scouting Outerwear for colder weather, I have found an assortment of coats that will keep you warm and make you look HAWT at the same time!!!!!

Asos Curve Ovoid Coat In Black And Orange Check ($179.70, Asos)

Long Wool Pattern Coat ($159.00, Avenue)

Tweed Babydoll Coat ($199.95, Lane Bryant)

Wool Coat By Taillissime ($149.99 - $169.99, One Stop Plus)

Belted Cape ($50.00, SimplyBe)

I have to admit.. if I had the money, I'd be rocking them all this winter. Unfortunately I do not roll like that financially, so I will be making my pick for the one I want. Has any of these coats caught your eye? Which one is your favorite? Leave a message with your choice!!


  1. Did you see the coat from the Avenue in grey/black tweed.  Heavenly!!! 

  2. I sure haven't, but I will take a look. Thanks, Mum!

  3. Love love LOOOOOOVE the second coat (The Avenue)...did I mention that I love it?

  4. That seems to be the fan favorite at Casa di Miss Moon!!! :)