Friday, November 11, 2011

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: What #naturalhair FAIL Are You Still Regretting?

Many seasoned naturals will agree that finding what works for your particular hair is trial and error... sometimes with an emphasis on the error.

You can read every new book on the subject, and lock yourself away for a week and watch nothing but the best YouTube Vloggers, but if you do something that is NOT good for your hair... you'll know.

I've mentioned my unfortunate DIY dye job in the past, and to this day I still reel over how much damage it (coupled with being very liberal with the blow outs) caused to my hair. It is by far the biggest fail of my natural hair journey, but I'm proud to say that I learned a great deal about my hair from the failure, and my hair has thanked me for listening to the message.

What has been the WORST thing you've done to your hair since going natural? What have you learned from the fail?


  1. I put dye in my hair. It was pretty but as it grew out I realized that my hair was damaged. I cut about 2 inches off last month. I am now feeling a difference the color is almost gone. I will not put dye in my hair again , even though I love different looks with dyes. I will just have to be beautiful all by my natural self:o)

  2. You can also rock wigs, which allows you to experiment with color AND give your natural hair a break every once and while! :)

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. OMGGGGG I remember when I did horrible dye job with African Pride color. HORRIBLE never again I mean that NEVER again!!!!!!!!

  4. Wow! I had no idea that the DIY Dye Job is a FAIL we all can relate to! Thanks so much for sharing and stopping by!