Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Little [LISA STANSFIELD] for a Saturday Night

Let me tell you about this song right here, which came out May of 1992. I used to sing this song like I meant every single word. You would've thought that my 14 year old self had been through some HEARTBREAK!!! LOL

I recently rediscovered this song as an adult, and I have to admit, I found myself clutching the air (you know that move singers do where they make a fist?) and singing along with Lisa Stansfield's "All woman", just like I did way back when. I hope all the ladies will join me in singing and all the men will give their ladies some exra love this Saturday night.


  1. I loveeeeeeee Lisa Stansfield! She has such a great voice. Her album "Affection" is my jam. Thanks for posting this!

  2. Lisa is the bee's knees, girl! I am so happy you stopped by and I'm tickled pink you enjoyed! :)