Friday, November 4, 2011

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: What's the BEST/WORST #naturalhair advice you ever received?

Perhaps I'm alone here, but ever since I've rocked my natural hair, I've been approached with tons of unsolicited advice about how to maintain and improve my hair. Some of it has been good, I admit it... but some of it has been SUPERBAD, like the movie! LOL

I personally have been given advice that has proven the be immensely valuable (Vatika Oil, anyone?!?!),but I've also have heard home remedies that my My Mama and her Mama have tried and discovered wasn't worth a damn.

What has been your experiences with advice about your natural hair? What have been the gems of wisdom you've received? What advice was definitely a "let's not and say we did?"?!?!


  1. Best advice:

    1) Only comb hair while wet with a wide tooth comb

    2) Only comb hair once a week

    3) Wash hair in loose braids or twists to prevent tangles

    4) Stop using hair grease and use a creamy moisturizer instead (although grease can be good for sealing).

    5) Deep condition every week.

    BTW: Most of these tips came from a woman who was relaxed at the time, but is now natural. Her name is Audrey Sivasothy.

    Worst advice:

    1) ACV Rinse-too harsh and stinky

    2) Shea butter is great-nope not for me.

    3) The concept of "Holy Grail"- no one product works for everyone.

    4) Hair typing-unnecessary.

    5) Hair "twins"- some people's hair looks exactly like mine but their products and techniques do jack for me. Likewise, some of my "true" hair twins' hair looks nothing like mine, but it behaves similarly and likes the same products.

    Can't think of anymore right now because I usually let bad advice go in one ear and out the other.

  2. Aisha, I co-sign with every item you've shared!

  3. Leave the grease ALONE!!!!

  4. Ahhh.. Tamara, that is a hair-don't that many feel is a hair-do, with the understanding that grease be used on your hair, not your scalp. I consider the warning not to use grease to be good advice for some and bad advice for others. Personally my ends love some grease! LOL

  5. Worse: 
    Coconut Oil is great for the hair....My hair says otherwise
    All natural hair products they don't

    Olive Oil in conditioner is great...yes it is.  Along with honey  (who knew my 4C hair would love this stuff!

    Stay Sof Fro spray (circa 1970's?), best stuff on the market for my 4C hair.  

    Shea Butter whipped with lavender oil....TRUTH!  Hair loves it!

    "Now the world don't move to the beat of just one drum, what might be right for you, may not be right for some..."


  6. Girl you just gave me a flashback with the Stay Sof Fro... My Dad used to swear by that stuff!!!!! 

    I've been hearing so many people rave about honey....that is on my list of things to try for this month.