Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's Talk Tresses Friday: Touching Your Hair - Hands Off or Have At It?!?!?

There has been a lot of talk lately about natural hair and more importantly, whether or not it's acceptable for strangers to touch it out of curiosity.  Which, if you ask me, is more than a little bananas!

I personally have always been quite curious about breast implants (particularly how they feel in comparison to the real McBoob.).... never in my 34 years of life did that curiosity lead me to grab the chesticles of some poor unsuspecting woman on the street. Why haven't I? Because that would be an invasion of that woman's personal space... and guess what? So is reaching out and touching the hair of someone you don't know.

My philosophy has always been if we're cool and you want to touch my hair? Touch away, especially if I have lint or cigarette ash (it happens!) in it. If I've never laid eyes on you and don't know your name or astrological sign? Hands off, man! Don't ask me, because the answer will be a polite, but firm, "No."

I think that when we make it a racial issue, it makes people become closed to the argument, because they simply don't "get what the big deal is". When you express it as a matter of personal space and in terms of overstepping boundaries, it resonates more for people. Especially women who have been pregnant... because many pregnant women have the same argument when it comes to their tummies.

What are your thoughts on strangers touching your hair? Have you ever encountered a situation where someone reached out to get a good grab? How did you handle it?!? Let's Dish!


  1. I was at an event the other day, complimented a young woman on her GORGEOUS fro, and before we knew it, we set up an awesome rapport and she began fondling my hair while asking a million questions, lol. To me, that was okay...what's often offensive is a person who is clearly ignorant & feels entitled to a piece of your Fro because no one in the world would tell them's such a gut instinct though & can depend on the situation. I'd's a 50/50 scenario, lol 

  2. I'm with you, Chai... a previously established rapport (even if it was established 1 minute ago) makes all the difference in the world. Someone who just saunters up to you in the street who feels like we should just oblige them the opportunity to satisfy their curiosity is most likely to get their feelings hurt with me. LOL