Sunday, July 25, 2010

Bad-ass Bloggers (BaBs): Meet Jamillah of Jay the Bohemian Diva

I've known Jamillah for many, many years, and have been extraordinarily proud to be a follower of her blog, Jay the Bohemian Diva. I knew immediately that my next BaBs would HAVE to be her, and I am tickled pink that she consented!!

The tag-line for your blog, Jay The Bohemian Diva is "Love, Life & Girly Girl Things", can you give me an example of the type of posts one would find in your blog?

Well what you will not find is celebrity gossip blog...there is enough of that...and I am not about that. My blog is a progressing blog that does not have a central focus like a fashion blog or a movie blog. On my blog you will find a variety of things pertaining to my life as I rediscover my passions and challenging myself to step out of the box. You will find some of my poems, my musical tastes, an update on my health, opinions on certain subjects as well as my reviews on wigs, cosmetics and some fashion.

You've been writing your blog for almost a year now. What is the most surprising aspect of blogging for you? What do you find the most challenging?

The most for me is that people are actually reading it LOL. Seriously, every time I read back on my blogs I am surprised by the progress I am making as a person. It is very therapeutic...getting to know me again and introducing parts of myself to the outside feels pretty nice, especially when people respond positively and constructively. The most challenging is being consistent. I try to post as much as I can without driving myself crazy...I just have to remember that I do not have a deadline so I pace myself...

You are a "Wiggy" and I've really enjoyed reading your posts and absorbing your enthusiasm via your "Wig-tastic" blogs. A lot of folks still have negative attitudes about wigs, unfortunately. What advice would you have for someone who is interested in incorporating wigs into their look?

I am actually a "Part Time Wiggy"...I love my short natural hair and rock it often. I would recommend Youtube...I say that because that is where I learned to be confident in wigs. There are alot of tutorials and reviews on wigs that will make a "wig-ginner" feel comfortable. When you have the self confidence with your wig you can pull it off. I was very surprised (delightfully) with the positive responses I received when i wore my wigs to work, especially when people did not recognized me at first. The art of wearing wigs is about trial and error. some you get and some you don't. Just have fun with it...wigs are fun!!!

In addition to sharing your Wig-tastic journey with you, I've also loved indulging in your "Girly Girl Time" posts. Are there any recent hauls we can look forward to you posting about?

For now there will be more "Wish List" posts when it comes to future potential hauls. The "Girly Girl Time" posts will feature the makeup I already have and asking your opinion on how it looks on me. I have a new post called "Face Off" where I will talk about my search for the perfect facial routine.

What's in store for readers of Jay the Bohemian Diva? What can we look forward to in the upcoming months?

In the upcoming months there will be more wigs, more makeup, and more event features. I will also have a cooking segment where I post recipes I have tried and succeeded in cooking. New posts will include a "Shout Out" segment where I give props to people places and things..."The 6 week project" segment will be my reviews on certain things I will try for 6 weeks (stepping outside the box). Look out for my personal style, my health update, pictures and much more...

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