Sunday, July 4, 2010

Been There/Done That: Cody ChesnuTT at the Weeksville Heritage Center, BK

I am ashamed to admit that this was my first venture to the Weeksville Heritage Center, despite living in Brooklyn... FOREVER! Truth be told, I wasn't aware of this historical section of Brooklyn until a few short years ago.

From Wikipedia:

The Weeksville Heritage Center is a historic site in the New York City borough of Brooklyn that was an important 19th century free black community, whose residents established schools, churches and benevolent associations and were active in the abolitionist movement.
Weeksville is a historic settlement of national significance and one of the few remaining historical sites of post-Civil War African-American communities. The Heritage Center focuses on tours, arts and crafts, literacy and historical preservation programs for public-school students. The site is managed by the Weeksville Society, a historical society that maintains the 12,400-square-foot (1,150 m2) site comprising the historic Hunterfly Houses and an open grassy area.

The Heritage Center is located at 1698 Bergen Street between Buffalo and Rochester Avenues in Bedford-Stuyvesant.

The lovely Natasha, my BFF!!

Visiting these houses gave me such an amazing sense of pride... it's a reminder of what can be accomplished. The owners of these houses were former slaves... they saved their money and was able to buy land and build their homes for themselves and their families. It really inspired me to be more mindful of my budgeting so that one day I too will own my home!

The concert was spectacular. We didn't have the best seats, so we couldn't always get a good look at Cody, but I was happy and content to listen to his new music and do one of my favorite things to do: people watch!

This woman's locs were completely beautiful. The photo really doesn't do it justice, but isn't she simply gorgeous?!?!

The audience in full effect... I saw so much drool-worthy natural hair looks and dope fashion... check out that sistah with the beautiful fro hawk in the back there!!

This picture was taken after I had my first Belgium Waffle from Waffle and Dinges ... Suffice to say most of my makeup was GONE after I grubbed on this beauty:

I had the WMD with Dulce de Lece, Vanilla Ice Cream, Whipped Cream, Chocolate and powdered sugar...... (delicious but once and awhile!)

My Honey coasting on a sugar high!!!

(Photo Courtesy of Brian Pace)

What can I say about Cody Chesnutt's performance? No words can truly do it justice! His band was fantastic... all really talented and full of energy and love for their craft.

We were also blessed with an opportunity to meet Cody and take a few pictures .. He was very kind and generous with his time and the event was beautiful!!

(Photo Courtesy of Brian Pace)

I've been such a homebody the last few months, I've been promising myself to get out more often, so expect to see more installments of "Been There/Done That".


  1. I have never been there. I have only heard about it. I will make an effort to go this summer. Thanks for sharing this.

  2. You're very welcome, Shevon! They are having some great programs every Saturday this summer, so be sure to check out their website They also have a Farmer's Market every Saturday which is next on my list to check out!

  3. This is very close to my house...I heard the music from my apartment...was going to go but the heat and humidity..i was