Wednesday, July 28, 2010

:::drools::: Dress Fancy with LucieLu!!!

Much to my surprise (and my Mum's delight!) I have rediscovered a love for wearing dresses. I've always been a slacks kinda girl, but lately, I've been incorporating more dresses into the mix, and have enjoyed wearing them!

I discovered Lucie Lu online and have instantly been enamored with their clothing (not to mention the very reasonable prices!!) Here are a few of my favorites:

Frankie Dress, $64.00 in sizes 1x (14/16) to 5x (30)

Audra Dress (Teal), $42.00 (This dress is currently only available in a 1x)

Honor Dress (Amethyst), $52.00 in sizes 1x (14/16) to 5x (30)... check out the back, y'all!

Despite loving the selection of dresses on LucieLu, I believe that my first purchase will be this, as I've been stalking it online for about a week now:

Sail Away Skirt, $34.00 in sizes, 1x-5x

I think it appeals to the Pirate Sistah in me! Aaargh!!

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