Thursday, July 15, 2010

:::drools::: Kelis-style for Plus Size Fashionistas

Say what you want about Kelis - she has a definitive style and has a talent for picking items guaranteed to turn heads!! Many have accused a certain Pop-Diva (Not naming any names, but her name rhymes with "Baby Ma Ma"! LOL)of swagger jacking Kelis' style, but I am certainly not going to! My focus is on Kelis tonight!

Truth be told, I think that this look is one of her more subtle ensembles, but she is working it nonetheless and I instantly knew I have to copy this one for my plus size sistren!

For this look I selected the Mossimo® Women's Kimono Sleeve Maxi Dress in Turquoise ($24.99, Target), originally*....because I could not find a printed kimono sleeve maxi dress to save my life!!! My attitude was that if I couldn't do the colorful print, I'd hit 'em with the beautiful color of turquoise (which is one of my favorite shades of blue!)

*UPDATE 7/16/10*: I was playing it a bit safe when recreating this look and I called myself on it!! I saw this dress today and I knew I had to replace the target dress for this one AND I was able to find a belt!!!

The dress is the La Boheme Maxi Dress ($168.00, IGIGI) and I think this dress is so lovely, it is on my list for possible wedding gowns.

I couldn't find an exact replica of the belt Kelis is wearing, but I found something not exactly similar, but complimentary:

Brown Woven Belt With Brass Buckle ($24.00, Torrid)

When I decided to recreate this outfit, I IMMEDIATELY KNEW that I was going to incorporate this necklace into the ensemble. I've been stalking the Etsy Shop PeaceImages for about a month now, and I haven't settled on what item I would pick for my first purchase!!

For this outfit, I selected the redefinition... necklace. ($39.50, Etsy)

That necklace is the SHIZ-NIT!! And those of you who know me know.. I am not a gold wearer, but I was certainly contemplating this necklace!!!

For her earring, I found the Etched Flower Disc Earrings in Gold ($3.80, Forever21)

Finally, I selected the Kingston Bangles ($15, Lulu's) which I thought was a lovely way to adorn your wrist


  1. I heart me some Kelis.
    I have mad respect for ladies who unapologetically are themselves. Do you boo!!
    Gotta love it!

    And I need to find that dress she has on. I totally agree with you about it being toned-down for her. It's beautiful. And she's is really working it.

    And I'm lovin' the pieces that you picked out for your dress.

  2. Thank you so much CO - I actually updated the blog because I found an EVEN BETTER dress!!! :)

    Yoli & CO - I am actually looking for that dress for a friend, I will be sure to post it if I find it!

  3. The dress is from Diane von Furstenberg - Check out Debra Messing (from "Will & Grace" rocking it)