Wednesday, April 6, 2011

DOPE: "Take Me To The Water" Section Two of Alvin Ailey's Revelations

Just wanted to start this post with a very special shout out to all of my followers... new (Welcome!) and old (Thanks for sticking with me! lol)... I am constantly in awe that others may find this blog entertaining and perhaps even ::gasps:: useful. I am such a huge Blog lover, and its great to see it reciprocated by all of you. So thank you, bless you (Tell your friends.. Share the love!) and please let me know how you think Miss Moon's Musings can improve.

Now... that being said, I know that my DOPE post are generally reserved for poetry, but any of you who have been fortune to see the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater perform live will back me up when I say it's Poetry in Motion (Corny, but true!).

From Wikipedia -

The second section features an enactment of a ceremonial baptism. A large group of dancers clad in white sweep onto the stage as baptismal agents—a tree branch to sweep the earth and a white cloth to cleanse the sky—lead a processional to the stream of purification. To the strains of "Wade in the Water" a devotional leader bearing a large umbrella baptizes a young couple at a river, represented by yards of billowing blue silk stretched across the stage. A raucous ceremony is followed by the meditative solo "I Wanna Be Ready", which communicates a devout man's preparations for death. Created by Ailey in collaborations with its original dancer James Truitte, the solo builds on exercises derived from the Horton modern dance technique.

I wish I could say that my favorite selection wasn't the most widely known and iconic routine, but alas.... I hope you all will enjoy "Take Me to the Water".


  1. They're performing at the New Jersey performing arts center May 7th. I was definitely thinking about checking them out. My hubby and I will be there for our 1 year wedding anniversary. Great Post!

  2. Hi Victoria!!! Wow, I can't think of a better way to celebrate the first wonderful year than watching some amazing performances! Thank you so much for commenting and Congrats on the Anniversary! Here's to the beginning of a lifetime of celebrations!