Tuesday, April 12, 2011

I'm REALLY Diggin': ArtbyCleatress' African Continent Earrings

Recently, I connected with the wonderful Nik and discovered her awesome blog, Photographer...Naturally via Twitter and was so enthralled by her blog (Check it out!), I became an instant fan and follower.

I decided to participate in her Giveaway for the (ultimate statement) African Continent Earrings, courtesy of ArtbyCleatress on Etsy. Nik had received two in error and the shop owner offered her the second pair on the house. How awesome was it that she decided to give it away to her Blog Followers!?!?

Imagine my excitement and joy when I discovered that I won!!! I am not the type of gal that wins prizes often, so each time it happens I'm always so grateful and appreciative. Nik promptly shipped the earrings to me in Brooklyn and I received them several days later! I couldn't wait to grab the camera and snap pictures!

Despite being told that my neck is not long enough to rock these earrings (Thanks, Mum! LOL) I really loved the way I looked in them and was instantly surprised at how light they were.

I predict that I will be rocking these gorgeous earrings often!!! Thank you so much, Nik!!!


  1. Hello!!!! I have awarded you with a "Stylish Blogger Award"!! Congratulations! Check out my blog from April 11 for details!! :-)

  2. Aww!!! They look great on you!! Thanks for the link back :) ...and your blog is awesome!