Thursday, April 28, 2011

:::drools::: SimplyBe's Simply Beautiful!!!!

I knew I was in trouble when I got home last Friday to find the newest SimplyBe catalog waiting for me in my mailbox. I have managed to avoid succumbing to temptation before, but from glancing at a few pages I knew I was in for it!

I have not purchased a single thing from SimplyBe since learning of their existence. Primarily because I know that when turning the pages of their catalog, I am going to want at least 95% of what I see, and frankly... I don't have money like that, I'm just a Customer Service Rep! LOL

So recognizing that I cannot, should not and will not break the bank buying everything I see that makes me go "Ooooh!", I decided to make a list of what I like so far, and over the next few months, armed with coupon codes (They have a lot of them, which is always a plus!!), I will be getting some of the items on my list.

I'd like to branch Miss Moon's Musings out to include more outfit posts, and over the past few months, I have been tremendously inspired by Juanette from Fashion Nette-work, Reiko from God's Favorite Shoes, Lexi from Beauty Fash and Chastity from The Curvy Girls Guide to Style. I mean to do these fabulous ladies proud, so I have to make sure I'm on point, you know?

So here are a few of the items that have caught my eye the most:

A. Block Print Tunic - $58.00
B. Anna Scholz Cargos - $51.00
C. Print Maxi Dress - $69.00
D. Jersey Top - $50.00
E. Cheryl Wide Leg Jean - $62.00
(In Dark Indigo, Mid Blue or Black - pictured)
F. Anna Scholz Cover Up - $52.00
G. Viva La Diva Fringe Sandal - $57.00
(In Black, Cornflower or Stone - pictured)
H. Angel Ribbons Stud Trim Tunic -$49.00
(In Black, Stone or Orange - pictured)
I. Angel Ribbons Maxi Dress and Camisole - $73.00
J. Shaped Hem Tunics Pack - $33.00
(In Berry/Navy, Red/Khaki, Teal/Black or Aubergine/Stone - pictured)

So you can see my dilemma judging from this "small" list of mine!!LOL Where oh where do I start!?!?!? What's your pick for the first item I rock from SimplyBe? Comment with your pick!!

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