Thursday, April 21, 2011

I'm REALLY Diggin':'s Business Cards

I want to really take Miss Moon's Musings as far as it's willing to go, and I recognize that a HUGE part of getting my bloggy baby noticed is to get out there, stop being such a cloistered wallflower and spread the word as much as possible. I first spotted's beautiful cards reading the FANTABULOUS blog, Fashion Nette-work (Shout out to Juanette!!), and was so bowled over by her beautiful cards... I decided to venture forward to their website to see how they can create something as fabulous for me.

Creating my card's design was super easy (I have no idea how to use Photoshop, so my design was created using Picasa and MS Paint (I'm working with what works for me! LOL). It took a couple of tries, but I finally got it where the images were high-resolution and could fit the parameters of the card well.

A few weeks after submitting my order for printing, I received my cards in the mail and was instantly bowled over at the super-cute cases they came in!!!

The Green Uploader Case fits neatly in my purse without getting bent crinkled and otherwise look like poopie when handing them out (SOOO not a good look!). The cards themselves?!?!? Check 'em out!!!

Here are the backs of the cards. I decided to use the design elements from the blog's header. I thought it would be a great way to introduce people to the site, as when they visit from getting the card, they'll (I hope!) recognize the theme!

Here's the front of the card. I decided to keep it simple while still displaying some of the elements for the site on the card!!

I decided to get only 50 cards this time around to see if I'd like them. For $30 these cards are exceptional and I will be upgrading and purchasing new cards again as I need them!!

Would you like to get some business cards for yourself?!?!? Be the first to leave a comment and you will win a 20% off coupon code (Many Thanks to for providing me with the code to share with a very special reader!!!) Best of Luck everyone!!!


  1. am i the first to leave a comment?

  2. Yep you are!! Congrats! Send me an email (missmoonsmusings at for the code!

  3. I first saw these some years ago as a relative told me about them, I fell in love. Last week while in my jewelry class, my instructor pulled hers out and I was in love once again! It must be a regional thing, because I hadn't seen them handed out too much on the East Coast, but they finally seem to be getting some play out here. There are clubs where people trade these like baseball cards.

    I like your cards! I think I will be ordering some soon myself!