Monday, April 18, 2011

Music Therapy with Miss Moon

It's hard to see some of the atrocities committed in the United Status and around the world without getting pissed off: War, Corrective Rape, and the overwhelming economic disparities between the wealthy and the poor. It's enough to make you long for The Kanamits to come visit with their cookbook! LOL

All jokes aside, this is the world we live in and the opportunity is always present to make it a better place. This week's pick for Music Therapy, by Alanis Morissette (from the "Dogma" Soundtrack)is a plea to be the change you want to see in the world. It starts with love.

I am the harm that you inflict
I am your brilliance and frustration
I'm the nuclear bombs if they're to hit
I am your immaturity and your indignance
I am your misfits and your praised
I am your doubt and your conviction
I am your charity and your rape
I am your grasping and expectation
I see you averting your glances
I see you cheering on the war
I see you ignoring your children

And I love you still
And I love you still

I am your joy and your regret
I am your fury and your elation
I am your yearning and your sweat
I am your faithless and your religion
I see you altering history
I see you abusing the land
I see you and your selective amnesia

And I love you still
And I love you still

Haah... Haah... Haah... Haah...

I am your tragedy and your fortune
I am your crisis and delight
I am your profits and your prophets
I am your art - I am your bytes
I am your death and your decisions
I am your passion and your plights
I am your sickness and convalescence
I am your weapons and your light
I see you holding your grudges
I see you gunning them down
I see you silencing your sisters

And I love you still
And I love you still

I see you lie to your country
I see you forcing them out
I see you blaming each other

And I love you still

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