Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Miss Moon's Musings About: My Natural Hair Confessions....

Recently ~L of Natural Review by L shared her third installment of Natural Hair Confessions. I really love this idea, because its a great way to encourage a conversation. Many of ~L's confessions I could TOTALLY relate to, as was many of the confessions readers submitted in the comments section.

Inspired, I thought that I would share my confessions with you. I'd love to hear yours in return!

#1 - I REALLY need to stop being so much of a product junkie!!! Lack of space (I live with three other people in a two-bedroom apartment  in Brooklyn, after all) makes it super difficult to indulge, so I am trying to use up everything I currently own before trying new products.

#2 - I am so super-duper excited about ChicandKinky.com Natural's Night Out on June 4th!!! This will be my first time attending a Natural Hair Event in NYC (I somehow always find out after the fact) and it promises to be an amazing event.

#3 - I admit it: I want my hair to grow long. While my focus has shifted from growing long hair FAST to growing my hair HEALTHY, I would love to get my Cree Summer on by the time I'm 40!!!

#4 - I don't mind detangling my hair. No jive!! I've reached a point where I know exactly how to do it with minimal frustration.

#5 - I would love to take a visit to the Devachan Hair Salon in NYC for a trim, but I cannot imagine spending so much money on getting my hair cut! In fact, I haven't been in a salon in over 15 years!!

#6 - I'm just learning to embrace the frizz!

#7 - I've been tempted to flat iron my hair for a change, but I'm super scared of heat damage! I finally have my hair to a point where it's healthy and thriving, and my desire for change significantly smaller than my desire to continue to nourish my hair!

#8 - I'm so happy that I've discovered so many great Natural Hair Bloggers here in NYC... We really need to do a Blogger Brunch this summer or something!!

What are YOUR Natural Hair Confessions?!?! Post a comment or send me a link to your Hair Confessions Blog post!!


  1. I used to be a product junkie too but it got so expensive. Plus, I would buy so many products, I would never stick to one to see if it actually worked.

    Now, I've narrowed down to just a few products. Pure Shea butter, Eco Styler Gel and Taliah Waajid Hair mist. I also use a little castor oil for detangling in the shower. My partner in crime Juanette hipped me to those few lifesaving products and she is religious about treatments to the hair...I'm trying to get there:)

    P.S>..Yes those are ALdo earrings in my last post. I got hip to them through Juanette as well:) I have both pairs (the leopard and black) and I love them so!

  2. I thought they were!! I am an earring addict and both you and Juanette have introduced me to Aldo through your blogs!

    I definitely feel you on the expense of being a PJ!! LOL I think that plays a huge part in my wanting to cut down, along with the space issue.

    Yay! I am so happy you stopped by for a visit! :)

  3. Great confessions! And being a PJ while living with that many other people takes some effort. I use up my entire linen closet.

  4. Thanks so much, L for the comment AND the inspiration!!!

  5. I just did a product review, I've narrowed down my routine but I like to experiment every now and again:


    Btw I'm afraid of heat damage too!