Thursday, April 7, 2011

I Wanna Go Shopping With...Solange Knowles

I love Solange Knowles: Her spirit is UNAPOLOGETICALLY FIERCE, Her music is AWESOME, and her style KICKS ASS!!!

I love this photo because only her nails, shoes, hair and beautiful smile are visible... but it's still stylish as hell!!!!

I've featured this outfit already in the past, but it continues to be a favorite of mine by Boxing Kitten. As an unofficial update to my post last year, upon reviewing the Boxing Kitten website, it looks like they still only go as high as a size 12, so it looks like I'm going to have to lose a lot of weight before I will be patronizing them... which sucks!

This look is truly giving me something I can feel, y'all!!!!!

Poppin' Pink Pin-up!!! I need to start learning how to style my hair like this with a scarf.... it'd be perfect for getting the hair off my neck in the summer!!!

I always refer to this look as "Chic Little Orphan Annie"... can you see what I mean? LOL

For those of you who (like me!) ::drooled:: over this gorgeous Masai-inspired beaded necklace by Noir Jewelry and you don't have $220.00 to spend on it (Also like me!)... Global Girlfriend has a comparable necklace for much less. I might still ask for this for my birthday... My family and divvy up and get it from all of them! LOL

The first time I saw this photo, I wasn't feeling what she was wearing.... After repeated glances at it, I admit it no longer just appeared busy to me (I guess I grew to see the big picture!) and now I love it!

A couple of weeks ago, I spotted a sequined moto jacket at Lane Bryant and thought to myself, "That's cute... but what the hell would I wear with that?!?" Thank you, Universe, and of course, Solange Knowles... for the answer!

I love the unconventional pairing of "clashing" patterns... that don't really clash when you take a good look. I'm not good at it yet, but I love to see when its been flawlessly executed.

I love this photo because in a sea of New York Fashion Community in black, Solange is a welcome splash of color, pattern, and texture.

How much do I love Solange in Gold and purple?!?!? How much do I want to recreate this look!?!? I am finding a pair of purple pumps and will find a lipstick to match, trust!!

I love the combination of colors in this look... it's cool, but it also has a fantasy-inspired sense of whimsy to me... it's like Fashion Week at the Shire!

Another stunning photograph from Solange's FashizBlack Spread.

Which one of Solange's looks is YOUR favorite?!?!? Leave a comment with your pick... I want to hear all about it!


  1. I nominated you for the Stylish Blogger Award. See my post for the details! Smooches

  2. I want to shop with her too! I'm gonna steal some of these pics for my inspiration board!